Topic outline

  • I. Historical Overview and Background

  • II. Text Linguistics vs Discourse Analysis

  • III. Perspectives and Scope of Discourse Analysis

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      Analyze the following by identifying : the linguistic form, context and function

      1. You are leaving for London

      2. It seems like there is less oxygen in this room

      3. It is too late


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  • IV. The Internal Structure of Discourse

  • V. Cohesion and Coherence in Discourse Analysis

    • Consider the following sentences and identify substitution and ellipsis that exist. Mention the type of each.

      1.      A: Does Agatha sing in the bath?

      B1: No

      B2: No, but I do

      B3: Yes, she does

      2.      A: Has Barbara left?

      B: She did so

      3.      A: Who killed the cat?

      B: I did not

      4.      A: do you want the blanckets?

      B: Yes, I will take one.

      5.      I painted one wall and Jim painted the other.

      6.      A: Have you been swimming?

      B: Yes I have.

      7.      She will go but I won’t.

    • Write four examples where the conjunction “so” is being used in the four main conjunction’s types; then four other examples about the conjunction “then”, and four others using the conjunction “but”.

    • Analyze and identify different types of reiteration in the following text.

      Sue is in the race, everyone believes that she will win the race this time. The competition started at six o’clock but from the moment it began everyone was ready to watch her.

    • Yellow cake

      Red tape

      Bad blood

      Dog days

      Salad days

      State department

      Foreign office

      Good book

             As a kind of practice, try to find the meaning of every abovementioned collocation and what collocation can appropriately replace it in Arabic or any other language.

    • Opened: Saturday, 25 February 2023, 12:00 AM
      Due: Saturday, 4 March 2023, 12:00 AM

      Thank you very much, Governor Keating and Mrs. Keating, Reverend Graham, to the families of those who have been lost and wounded, to the people of Oklahoma City, who have endured so much, and the people of this wonderful state, to all of you who are here as our fellow Americans.

      I am honored to be here today to represent the American people. But I have to tell you that Hillary and I also come as parents, as husband and wife, as people who were your neighbors for some of the best years of our lives.

      Today our nation joins with you in grief. We mourn with you. We share your hope against hope that some may still survive. We thank all those who have worked so heroically to save lives and to solve this crime -- those here in Oklahoma and those who are all across this great land, and many who left their own lives to come here to work hand in hand with you. We pledge to do all we can to help you heal the injured, to rebuild this city, and to bring to justice those who did this evil.

      This terrible sin took the lives of our American family, innocent children in that building, only because their parents were trying to be good parents as well as good workers; citizens in the building going about their daily business; and many there who served the rest of us -- who worked to help the elderly and the disabled, who worked to support our farmers and our veterans, who worked to enforce our laws and to protect us. Let us say clearly, they served us well, and we are grateful.                                                                                  

      (William Jefferson Clinton.Oklahoma Bombing Memorial Prayer Service Address.delivered 23 April 1995 in Oklahoma City, OK)