Cognitive Psychology is used throughout the entire range of human knowledge, perception, speech processing, problem solving and thinking about learning and memory. The course will give students knowledge of the most important concepts, themes, problems and empirical research in modern cognitive theory as it concerns how we receive, interpret, edit, use and save information. The course will deal with the study of both general traits and individual differences.
Learning Outcomes:
By the completion of the course the student will be able to :

  • Recognize and explain major terms and concepts in cognitive psychology  (including but not limited to perception, attention, memory, knowledge, imagery, language, problem solving, and reasoning and decision making).
  • Describe the working of basic cognitive functions from an information processing perspective
  • Discuss the classic experimental findings relating to various cognitive processes such as attention and consciousness, perception, memory, imagery, language, thinking, problem solving and creativity, decisionmaking, and metacognition.