The “Study Skills ” module is a step-by-step guide to learning skills that would enable first-year undergraduate students of Linguistics and English Language to successfully achieve their academic goals and succeed their courses. It helps L1 students grow from nervous novice to confident expert by providing the tools needed to acquire new academic skills and improve existing ones, particularly by enhancing their skills in reading, writing and research methodology. It ultimately aims for students to become critical thinkers and self-regulated independent lifelong learners who are willing to take responsibility for their own learning. Each chapter includes practical advice on how to support learning, boost motivation and master time management, covering the essential competencies required for successful study including:

  •     Effective techniques to search for information online
  •     Practical reading and note-taking strategies
  •     Various approaches to conduct methodologically sound, well-written academic research
  •     Techniques for well-planned revision and preparation for tests, exams and other forms of assessment