Competitive and Strategic analysis is a module taught for academic master’s degree ( first year), specialization: marketing.

  This course aims to enable the student to understand the importance of correctly identifying the needs of business activity and carrying out a comprehensive analysis of organization   internal and external environments before making any decision. Realizing the importance of providing compatible solutions between organization’s strategy and its expectations and needs of the business activity, as well as with the competitive environment. Learn how to avoid making the mistake of burning the stages down to the strategic option before understanding it

Accurate and comprehensive analysis of the opportunities, threats, and potentials they face organizations.

The module basic axes are:

1. Competitive and Strategic analysis Introduction.

2. Situational analysis.

3. External analysis: opportunities and threats.

4. Internal analysis: differentiation factors, value creation and competitive advantage.

5. Strategic options at the organization level.

6. Strategic options at the business level.

7. Operational strategies